September, 2014 Update

Yet another successful Run-Walk for Aidan was held August 30th at Wilburton Park in Bellevue. After having such a hot summer and fall, it was ironic that on the very day of the Run-Walk, it rained a bit.

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Aidan's Broken Leg
Also ironic was that on the day after this year's event, Aidan was playing with a nerf soccer ball in his backyard and fell, breaking his left femur above the knee. He had surgery on the 31st of August in which they put a rod in his leg. He's now home recuperating, chafing at not being able to go to middle school yet or play outside.

Mindy and Mitch are working hard to find the right balance of recuperation therapy while not pushing the muscles so hard they degenerate further.

Unfortunately, this break means Aidan won't be able to participate in the ambulatory trial that is scheduled to begin shortly. Obviously it's very disappointing to all, especially after all Mindy's efforts to get the trial to fruition.

Hopefully, he'll be able to participate in a non-ambulatory trial that will start soon, but we don't know that for sure yet. We'll keep you posted as to that status as we hear. If that does happen, it may mean that the family will have to live in Boston for a month or so during the early trial stages.

Aidan Doing Therapy at Home



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