November, 2014 Update

Aidan recuperated very well from his broken leg due to the diligence of his parents in finding, then implementing the best therapies. While he still wasn't strong enough to participate in the ambulatory trial for Etiplersen that started at Seattle Children's in September, he was eligible for a non-ambulatory add-on trial.

Since the non-amulatory trial isn't set for Seattle until early December, but started in Boston earlier, Mindy took Aidan, Graham, and Shea, along with Megan Tower, to Boston so Aidan could get on drug earlier.

Aidan's now had two doses and has another scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving. With Mitch joining them for Thanksgiving week, the family returns to Seatle the weekend after Thanksgiving. Aidan will then be able to get the drug here at Seattle Children's.

Here' a photo of Aidan getting the drug in Boston.

Aidain Boston

2014 Run-Walk
Yet another successful Run-Walk for Aidan was held August 30th at Wilburton Park in Bellevue. After having such a hot summer and fall, it was ironic that on the very day of the Run-Walk, it rained a bit.

See the photos from this year's Run-Walk for Aidan & Runners Reunion.

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